No Solfiti


Spumante Nature Metodo classico non sboccato Senza solfiti aggiunti Extra Brut

A different approach to the secondary refermentation of local indigenous grapes yields RADICALE, a bottle-fermented Brut style classic-method sparkling wine from 100% glera grapes (exclusively in magnum size) that is released without any preceding disgorgement, so that absolutely no SO2 is added.
Straw yellow in appearance, it exhibits an elegant bead of tiny bubbles. The classic glera aromas of apple and pear are well in evidence, but the bouquet is enriched with fragrances of lavender, mulberry, kumquat, and hazelnut as well. On the palate, it is savoury, dry, log-lingering, and lush.

VINEYARD The glera grapes are cultivated in Carpesica area, in limestone-clay soils rich in morainic deposits from the ancient Piave glacier that descended from the Fadalto saddle between Moun Pizzoc and Mount Visentin. The vineyards, facing south-southwest at an average elevation of 180 metres, are planted to an average density of 4,200 vines per hectare and are trained to the Sylvoz system. Harvest generally occurs in the second half of September and the vineyard yield averages 70 hl/ha. The weather is mild, with cold winters and summers that are warm, but never muggy, and with consistent breezes. The day-night temperature differentials are significant, particularly in the summer.

VINIFICATION The must ferments on the skins, 60% in oak vats and 40% in steel. The wine is gravity-settled before bottling; the final assemblage is made, and the wine undergoes its second fermentation with local yeasts. It rests sur lie for 24 months, with no filtration and no addition of SO2. It is then stored in a manner that prevents the wine’s further evolution.

GLASS AND SERVICE Enjoy at 8-10°C in a large Prosecco glass. Chill the bottle a couple of hours before serving, keeping the bottle upside down. Just prior to serving, force out the sediment à la volée. Or should you wish, if you want to savour the wine together with its natural sediment, a few days prior to serving place the bottle in its natural upright position, then open it as you would any sparkling wine.

Radicale Spumante Nature 
Metodo classico
non sboccato
Senza solfiti aggiunti
Extra Brut

FOOD PAIRING AND WHEN TO ENJOY A superb aperitif wine, RADICALE partners wonderfully with antipasti and risottos, and try it with roast capon. Store upside down in a cool, dark place, even for some years. Do not store in the refrigerator.

Alcohol10.80% vol.
Res. Sugartracce
Total acidity4.60 g/L
Pressure6 bar
Net extract21.0 g/L
Net Content Box
1.5 L × 6