Metodo Classico Talento Brut 2007

Talento Rosé, made from 100% pinot noir grapes grown in our Vigna del Moro, is characterised by a delicate mousse and a long-lingering bead of pin-point bubbles. The secondary fermentation, that takes place in the bottle in our cellars at a temperature of 13°C, and the lengthy, 60-month ageing in the bottle, make this rosé smooth, velvety, and dry to the palate. Appearing a subtle, but alluringly mature pink, it is redolent of wild red berry and morello cherry, with subtle hints of almond and fragrant musk. On the palate, it is dry, full-flavoured, very well-balanced, and longlasting.

VINEYARD The vineyards, planted to a density of some 5,000 vines per hectare and trained to the Guyot system, are in limestone-clay soils. The harvest, exclusively by hand, occurs between the end of August and the first few days of September.

VINIFICATION After the clusters are de-stemmed ad the grapes gently pressed, the must macerates briefly on the skins and is then gravity-settled. The must ferments in steel, then the wine rests sur lie, followed by a secondary fermentation in the bottle for 60 months. The wine is then disgorged and topped up with a dosage of 7 g/L.

GLASS AND SERVICE Enjoy at 6- °C in a large-size classic-method glass.

Rosé Metodo Classico
Brut 2007

FOOD PAIRING AND WHEN TO ENJOY Superb as an aperitif wine, this rosé is a very versatile food partner, complementing raw fish as well as poultry and veal, and it will add interest to first courses with tomatoes. It will show good development during the two years following the vintage date; if it is well stored, its nose and palate will grow in complexity even four years after harvest.

Alcohol12.40% vol.
Res. Sugar7 g/L
Total Acidity7.9 g/L
Pressure5.50 bar
Net extract25.7 g/L
Net Content Box
750 ml × 6