Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

This fragrant, graceful Prosecco is the fruit of a selection of grapes from the finest vineyards in the zone of Cordignano, Sarmede, and Cappella Maggiore in the hills of Treviso.
It appears luminous and sparkling, with a delicate bead of fine bubbles and a soft but generous mousse. The bouquet is generous, with emphatic notes of Golden Delicious apple, peach, and wisteria, displaying a wonderful balance between fragrance and refreshing crispness. The palate is fruit-forward and smooth, full-bodied and well-structured; overall, it is a harmonious and elegant wine.

VINEYARD The Glera grapes are grown in the hills of Cordignano, Sarmede, and Cappella Maggiore in south-southwest facing vineyards, at elevations of 120-240 metres. The vines, largely trained to the Sylvoz system, are planted to an average density of 4,000 per hectare. The harvest, entirely by hand, is carried out in mid-September; the yield averages 90 q/ha. The weather is temperate, with cold winters and warm summers, with good ventilation; day-night temperature differentials are significant, particularly in the summer.

VINIFICATION The clusters are de-stemmed then gently pressed in a bladder press. After gravity- settling, the must is fermented 18-20°C, then re-ferments in 100hl steel pressure fermenters for about two months, in accord with the Italian Method.

SERVING GLASS Enjoy best at 6-8 °C in generous Prosecco stemware.


LEVIS Prosecco DOC
Extra Dry

PAIRING AND CELLARING LEVIS is an ideal aperitif wine, while its firm structure and body admirably suit it for partnering with Italian antipasti and first courses of vegetable and fish. It is best enjoyed in the first year following harvest, but if well stored, both nose and palate will develop fine complexity over the two years follow.


Alcohol11,50% vol.
Res. Sugar13 g/L
Tot. Acidity6 g/L
Pressure5,5 bar
Net Extract18 g/L
Net Content Box
750 ml × 6